Why are you being forced to leave the bathroom?

A new program called Escape Room aims to help people who are often isolated in their own homes with an escape room.

Key points:The program is designed to help young people and people with learning disabilities escape the claustrophobic confines of their own homeRec room is an area where people can gather to discuss and discuss their experiences of living in a mental health institutionCommunity and community groups are being asked to help the program run a ‘safe space’ for young people to get helpCommunity groups are also being asked whether they can support the program and what they think they can contributeCommunity groups will be given the opportunity to help with the planning and execution of the program, with help from volunteersCommunity groups can also help with training and mentoring.

“This program is an attempt to connect young people with people with disabilities and people who have learning disabilities in a safe space,” program manager Joanna Feltman said.

“There are lots of different ways that young people can engage with people who can help them, so we’ve set out a number of ways that we can help.”

She said the program would provide a safe place for people to share their stories of escaping from their own community.

“It’s really about sharing and connecting, so it’s a really positive thing to do, it’s about connecting young people, it is about connecting people with other people, who are struggling to get out of their home,” she said.

Rec roomThe program’s design is to be similar to an Escape Room for young children program run by the NSW Government.

The program would involve young people who were unable to go into the local recreation centre or play outdoors with their families.

The young people would be given a room with a bunk bed and a computer.

They would then meet with a counsellor, and be asked to share and talk about their experiences with mental health services.

“They’re being offered an opportunity to be in a space where they can share their experiences and connect with other young people in their communities,” Ms Feltmans said.

The experience would be guided by the counsellors, who would work with the young people on a case-by-case basis.

“Once they’ve shared their story and the counselling team has listened to that, then they’ll be able to go in with a different plan and see if they can work with that group,” she explained.

“And once they’ve seen if they are able to work with those groups, then we’ll move onto other groups.”

We’ve got some different things that we could try to include in that program, but we’re not sure exactly what those are yet, but there’s a lot of different options for this kind of program.

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