Donald Trump and Bannon’s war room: Inside the Trump administration’s plan to shut down the internet The President’s National Security Advisor Steve Bannon and his chief strategist Stephen Miller have a plan to use social media to shut off the internet.

The President has spoken of his desire to shut all internet access for good, as well as internet traffic, and is seeking to use these measures to crack down on illegal content.

The internet is a vital platform for the free flow of information, which helps to build democratic societies.

This has been the case for centuries and has played an important role in shaping the way people think and communicate.

Bannon’s plan, as outlined in an internal White House memo seen by EngadGET, would block the internet by using a combination of technological measures and the “escalation and escalation of force” of “pre-emptive, preventive, and counter-escalation.”

This includes shutting down the social media platforms and websites of those who have violated the US Constitution.

The Trump administration has already shut down Twitter and YouTube.

Bannon also recently announced the hiring of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn as a “senior advisor.”

This was not the first time Bannon has floated this plan.

In September, he told Breitbart News that “we need to shut up the internet and make sure we have a strong US national security policy that protects our borders, our citizens, and our businesses.”

This statement was taken out of context, however, and was likely meant as an open threat to Trump and his staff.

According to Bannon, the US has a “national security interest in maintaining freedom of information,” which is what the internet is meant to do.

He also said that “there is an enormous appetite in the US for information, and I think that this will help us to have a national security strategy that is going to help us, as President, protect our interests.”

He then goes on to say that “We have a lot of people who are engaged in information warfare.”

Bannon then says that the “war room” will work on this issue and the internet will be “under constant siege.”

According to the memo, “The plan includes measures designed to shut [internet] down on a daily basis to keep the American people informed of the threats we face and the consequences of our policies.”

Bannon and Miller, who is now serving as Chief of Staff, say that the plan includes the creation of a “war rooms” where “top-level national security officials” will be given “information about the state of the war” and “a forum for discussing policy options.”

The memo goes on in detail to say, “This information can be used to shape public opinion about policies and strategy, as opposed to just a daily briefing.”

This is not the only time that the internet has been used to crackdown on illegal speech.

In October 2017, a Trump adviser suggested that the administration could shut down YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook by using an internet blackout.

“You want to shut them down, shut down them all.

But we’ll be watching their social media sites and we’ll see what they do,” former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka told the Today Show.”

If they do nothing, I don’t know what they will do,” he said, “but if they do something, we’ll watch them.”

While the US government has already blocked Facebook and Twitter, the President has not yet said whether he intends to implement this plan and has not responded to the suggestion that the US should “shut down the entire internet.”

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