The Indie Room Painting Ideas for Your Living Room

The Indie room painting is a room painting concept, used by the arts community to give their work a more creative and dynamic look than a traditional painting would.

You can create an indies room with your own decor and a few tools to give your room a truly unique feel.

Here are some of the ideas you might find useful.1.

A wall of painted wallpaper.

This will help keep the room looking like a living room in the middle of the night.2.

A mural of a picture of the house.

This could be a picture that the family or friends have taken, or even your favorite song, a photo album or even a painting.

This can be done in any style, as long as you have a picture on the wall and paint on the background.3.

A custom bed with a bedside table and a couch.

You could have your bed framed with a photo of your favorite family member or friend, or your bed could be decorated with a different bedding or a bed frame.4.

A room with multiple walls of painted wall art.

This might be a mural or an elaborate room, or you could use your room as a room in a gallery, or a large room on the outside of a home.5.

A hallway painted to look like a room that is full of people.6.

A painting of a livingroom or other room.

It might be an art piece or a painting of your room.7.

A kitchen painted to resemble a living space.8.

A small living room that looks like it could be the living room.9.

A garden filled with plants.

You might have a garden filled and ready for planting.10.

A large room filled with paintings.11.

A giant mural of your house.12.

A home with a large TV.13.

A big wall of your home filled with a mural of someones home.14.

A picture of your parents.15.

A photo of a loved one.16.

A bedside painting that you can share with your kids.17.

A bedroom filled with furniture and a large mirror.18.

A space where you can hang pictures.19.

A living room full of family portraits.20.

A little garden with a little garden of flowers.21.

A family room with a table.22.

A fireplace filled with food and other decorations.23.

A table filled with decorations.24.

A flower bed with the flowers you grew up with.25.

A couch covered in decorations.26.

A rocking chair.27.

A rug covered in a bunch of flowers and a photo.28.

A full-size bed filled with art.29.

A baby rocking chair that has an art on it.30.

A door that is filled with pictures.31.

A staircase filled with family portraits and family photos.32.

A dresser that has a picture in it.33.

A chair with the picture of a family member.34.

A desk with a picture.35.

A dining room table that has pictures of family members and friends.36.

A closet filled with more family portraits, family photos and family photo albums.37.

A cupboard with a painting on it and a door that says “My Love.”38.

A huge dining room full with family portrait and family album.39.

A vanity with a portrait of your mother or grandmother.40.

A bathroom with a mirror that has photos of family and friends and a mirror.41.

A mirror filled with photographs.42.

A dressing room with more photos and paintings.43.

A shower room filled a mirror and a bed with more paintings.44.

A garage with more portraits and paintings45.

A walk in closet filled a dressing room and a dresser with more pictures.46.

A sink with a lot of pictures.47.

A corner of a closet with a bathroom with more.48.

A drawer with more painting.49.

A sofa with more images.50.

A fridge filled with tons of paintings and paintings of people and animals.51.

A window with a family portrait.52.

A bathtub filled with lots of pictures and paintings that you created yourself.53.

A deck with lots more paintings of animals.54.

A shelf with lots and lots of paintings.55.

A floor covered in paintings and lots more pictures of people, animals, and plants.56.

A TV set with a TV on it that has tons of family pictures.57.

A pool with lots, lots of family photos in it and lots and tons of TV.58.

A lot of paint on a rug that you made yourself.59.

A couple of shelves with lots books and lots pictures.60.

A piano with lots music and lots piano music.61.

A guitar with lots guitar music.62.

A few more shelves with books and pictures.63.

A porch with lots trees and lots trees.64