‘I have a room for you, the housewife’

On a warm summer afternoon in the Washington area, a woman sat at a small table outside her front door with her two daughters.

She held a cup of tea for them, and then told them about her housekeeper.

She said her husband was going to leave, and she had three children.

“We’re looking for a new housekeeper,” the woman said.

“She’s a hard worker.”

“I have an idea about how to make a house for you,” the young woman said, turning to face the woman who’d given her a cup.

“I can do this, too,” the mother said, nodding at the tea cup.

It’s been two years since the couple moved to the house that had once belonged to a friend of their father, and the woman has a lot to say about the new home she’s built for her family.

“My husband was a single dad,” she said.

The new house is filled with photos and documents documenting the family’s story.

“It’s like a history book,” the man said.

But the housekeeper is different.

“If you look at the photos on my Facebook page,” she continued, “I’ve created a history of myself.”

In her 20s, she’s a full-time housekeeper for a wealthy family that runs a company that makes kitchen equipment.

She’s an active participant in the local community, she said, and loves traveling to visit family.

The housekeeper, who didn’t want her name used for fear of reprisal, said she was born and raised in a traditional Korean family and came to the United States to pursue a career in management.

She grew up in an Asian-American family, her mother said.

And she has a strong sense of community.

“There’s no room for the housekeepers, but there is room for everyone else,” the housewoman said.

She added, “Everyone needs to have a place to go, and to have their own space.”

She’s grateful for the community, the woman told The Washington Post.

“Everybody in my family is really happy here.”

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