The best-kept secrets of the Gold Room

In a quiet corner of the London hotel where the king has stayed since becoming king in 2014, you will find a room air conditioners that are the most comfortable of any hotel room in the world.

The room is so comfortable, it has been nicknamed the “Gold Room”.

It is a fitting title, considering the room is home to the most famous hotel in the country, the one with the most gold rooms.

The Gold Room was first constructed as a living room set in the 14th century.

It has now been converted into a hotel room, and the room has become a major tourist attraction.

The rooms are not cheap, costing around £2,000 (US$2,913) per room.

The room was originally built for the king of Denmark and his wife, who stayed in the room during their honeymoon in 1952.

It is also known as the “gold room”, and is believed to be the first of its kind.

In 2017, the hotel opened its first hotel in China.

In 2018, the King’s House Hotel in Sydney became the first hotel to open a hotel in South America.

The King’s Gold Room has become one of the most visited hotels in the World, and has become the symbol of the royal family.

The King’s family has also made the gold room their home.

In 2005, the king’s youngest son, Prince William, and his girlfriend, Catherine, bought the goldroom, and have kept it ever since.

The Queen and her family are also thought to have used the room as their home, as well as the Queen’s private residence at Windsor Castle.

According to the royal historian, Sir Robert Owen, the Queen and Prince Harry have stayed in this room at least nine times since the coronation of their father in 1949.

According, in January 2017, it was reported that a Royal Air Force F-35 fighter jet had flown into the room, which had been closed to the public.

The goldroom is also one of only two rooms that can be seen from the royal palace, with a view of Buckingham Palace.

It also houses a collection of antique china.

There are three doors on the north side of the room that are closed to visitors, and only the main door has a view from the balcony.

The king and his family have a suite in the same room, as they can not be seen by the public during the day.

According a 2015 report by The Independent, the room was designed to allow visitors to see the king, the royal couple and their guests.

The first queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, are also the only royal couple not to be in the hotel.

In 2017, Prince Philip and Princess Eugenie of Denmark bought the room for £6.4m.

The hotel was built on the site of the old King George VI’s private quarters, which are currently being refurbished to the highest standards.

The Royal Palace Hotel, in London, is one of five such properties owned by the family of Queen Elizabeth II, which is also owned by British Airways.

The other properties are in London’s Hyde Park, which also houses the Houses of Parliament and the White House.

According the royal historians, the first occupants of the rooms are believed to have been members of the Duke and Duchess of York.

They were among the first members of a new breed of aristocratic families that arrived in the British Isles in the 18th century to build up the economy and expand the monarchy’s reach.

They became known as “pioneers” who were “born in the palace”, and the Queen became their first Queen Mother.

In addition to the Queen, there is the Duke, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, the Prince of Wales and the Prince and Princess of Wales.

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