Disney Vacation Club members are going to have to pay to park at Walt Disney World resort

Disney Vacate Club members who want to rent a room at the Walt Disney Resort are going have to spend at least $100 a day to park.

Guests must pay $1,400 per month to rent the Disney Vacantile Suite, according to the new rules announced Wednesday.

The rules, which apply to the Walt Hollywood Resort, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Florida’s popular Epcot park, say guests can only rent a suite once per year, with each new year, and no more than four times per calendar year.

It’s a $1.5 million per month fee.

It also caps the maximum room occupancy rate at 50 percent.

The new rules apply to rooms with one or more bedrooms, including the pool and spa.

Guests who rent a single-room occupancy suite can pay as much as $100 per day to rent that suite, plus $1 per hour, to park a room in the resort, up to the number of rooms they’ve been paying for in the past.

A room that is not currently available in a resort can be reserved, and guests who are unable to reserve a room can use a hotel reservation for $10.

The hotel also can charge a $2.50 per night fee to park in the hotel.

The new rules do not apply to room rentals on Disney World Resort property, and are not subject to change.

Disney Vacateers who use the resort to park their cars can park at the resort for free, and may pay for their parking by paying an additional $100, according the rules.

The resort said it was aware of the new restrictions.

“While the Resort is committed to ensuring that all Guests are able to enjoy the best experience possible, we are currently conducting an investigation into the compliance with the current rules,” it said in a statement.

“We will continue to work with the Resort to make sure guests enjoy their stay at Walt’s resort.”

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