Which hotel rooms will you rent for virtual escape?

The House of Blues in Washington, D.C., will be the first of the hotel’s new virtual escape rooms.

The company has been testing the space, dubbed The Room, outfitted with “virtual escape rooms” featuring some of the hottest VR games.

The room will be open to all guests, but guests will need to have a “gaming license” to be in the virtual room, and it will be limited to a maximum of 30 people per person.

The first guests are scheduled to arrive on July 26th.

The company, which also operates the Omni Hotel in Seattle, says the Rooms will be “the first virtual escape room in the world that will not only feature some of our most popular games but also offer a truly immersive experience with high-quality sound and a comfortable atmosphere.”

The company says it plans to offer its VR escape rooms through its new online store, where guests can order their own virtual rooms and rent them for $100 per night.

“It will be an exciting experience for our guests,” House of Blades Chief Operating Officer Chris Clements said in a statement.

“The Room will feature an immersive, immersive, room, complete with its own set of doors, and a large view of the room.”

The House of Breaks is the first virtual room at the new Omni Hotel, which will be opened to guests on July 27.

It features a “room” with the same dimensions as the Omni.