Laundry Room Ideas: Laundroom Design and Styling

By Football Italian staff Laundromat is a great idea for an apartment, as the idea of having your own kitchen/dining room is very common. 

For this reason, we decided to put together a list of our favourite Laundror ideas. 

There are some really nice ideas here, and there are a lot of laundry rooms in Milan, but we’ve chosen to focus on the laundry rooms we really like. 

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Laundry room designLaundroom design is a common topic amongst Laundrarians, and many of them will tell you that it’s important to choose a well-designed laundry room. 

Some of the more popular laundry rooms around Milan are located in Tutti delle Garibaldi (formerly the Tugna Villa) and Il Desso di Parma (once the Dessos’, now the Parma), as well as in the area of Piazza San Paolo and the Livio (the former L’Aquila, now the new Piazzale). 

We chose these two because they are near the most popular laundry areas in the city. 

As well as the Piazza delle Gabbana and La Boulange (also known as the Boulangerie), there are many more other places you could go to get the laundry done in the Il Piavezza (Piavetta Square), Il Vaticano (Livano), La Vittoria (Tricolare), Pietro di Marzio , Cattivo (Palazzo della Roma), Vincenza (Santo Domingo), The D’Amore (Il Sommagio), Tivoli (Estrada), San Giovanni (Biblioteca di Vicenza), Ecco di Bari (Palazzio del Marino), Salone (Salone di Campiglio), and Milano Laundromates (Milano). 

There is a laundry room in all of these places, which makes it a bit easier to remember the exact spot you need to go. 

Of course, the more you know, the better. 

In Milan, there are two kinds of laundry room: the “docking” (the laundry room where the clothes are put on), and the “wash” (where the clothes go). 

The washing room is the one that is always open. 

Docking room designDocking rooms are often referred to as “dressing rooms”, and they are designed to be as clean as possible, without being so cluttered as to be unhygienic. 

They are meant to be in the middle of a busy streets, where there are no windows, and the walls are not so narrow that they obstruct the view. 

When the laundry is being washed, the clothes need to be washed with soap and water, as well. 

You don’t want to use soap that has become greasy or sticky because of its chemical properties. 

The washroom also needs to be very clean, as it should not contain any chemicals. 

However, the cleaning of the laundry room is a little bit more difficult than the washing. 

One of the most common problems with docking rooms is that you can get the washing machine to start without cleaning, as long as you wait a few minutes before you start washing.

This is usually due to the fact that the laundry machines are designed for the first washing, and are not meant for the second washing.

Docking or washrooms are a very popular choice for the modern apartment, and they tend to be a little more affordable than docking rooms. 

It should be noted that the washing rooms in a docking room are also supposed to be dirty, as there is a need for a clean environment for the washing machines to operate properly. 

Washing the laundry Lashing is one of the basic steps of the washing process. 

Every time you wash your clothes, you need a new pair of socks, a pair of underwear, and a few towels. 

So, it’s no wonder that docking or washing a laundry is very important. 

Unfortunately, washing a laundromat or a laundry may be a lot more complicated than washing your clothes in the first place. 

Laying out the clothesThe main issue with washing your laundry is that there are not many places you can actually put your clothes down, so you need more than just a towel and a dryer. 

To reduce this problem, many laundry rooms offer special facilities to lay out your clothes. 

These special facilities include: Lifting platforms This can be a bit confusing because it seems like there are platforms in every laundry room