‘I was so confused’: ‘I thought my boyfriend was sleeping with me’: The day that led to a terrifying sexual assault

WASHINGTON (AP) — The first time she heard her boyfriend talking to her about his new girlfriend, she felt so confused.

But as she was walking out the door in the early hours of Feb. 7, she did not realize her feelings were being misconstrued.

“I was just shocked.

Leblanc, who was dating a man she had just met, said she immediately thought he was having an affair. “

said Rachel K. LeBlanc, 26, of Washington.

Leblanc, who was dating a man she had just met, said she immediately thought he was having an affair.

But in the middle of her first date with him, the two began talking about a woman named Ashley.

And then he said, ‘Hey, what do you think?’ “

My boyfriend was talking to Ashley.

And then he said, ‘Hey, what do you think?’

And I was just like, I was confused, because I didn’t know who Ashley was,” LeBlac said.

“And then I realized I didn, in fact, have any idea who Ashley and Ashley were, so I was really, really confused.

So I was very upset and I didn of course think that my boyfriend’s behavior was inappropriate.

I did not think that that was appropriate.

And so I just felt so frustrated and confused.”

After the date, LeBlanche said she did a double-take.

“He had just told me about Ashley and that I should go to her,” she said.

Le Blanc said it didn’t take long for her boyfriend to tell her that he had had an affair with Ashley.

“When I heard that, I had the worst feeling that I’ve ever had about any relationship,” she recalled.

“Because I knew he had done this before.

And I knew that he’d lied to me about that, but it was so sudden and I was not aware of it until that point.”

LeBlacs first thought that it was Ashley’s boyfriend.

But he was more concerned with a potential new relationship.

“As soon as I heard about Ashley, I started to think about it,” she explained.

“That was when I knew it was a mistake.

I knew, I’m not going to be with this guy.”

Le Blanche said her boyfriend made the mistake of thinking that she was sleeping around with a stranger.

But Ashley was different.

“Ashley was not the same person.

She was more outgoing and she was just really smart and had a lot of skills,” Le Blac said, noting that Ashley also had an impressive resume.

Ashley had previously worked as a bartender in Washington and she had recently started her own business, which she named Ashley’s Dance Party.

“She was just an amazing person and a great dancer,” Leblanche said.

Ashley’s father, James, also came out as gay.

He was also working in Washington as a contractor and Ashley was one of his clients.

“We were just trying to find our way and we were just talking to people and I said, I’ve never really known anyone who was bisexual,” James said.

James said that Ashley was initially reluctant to have an affair, but eventually relented.

“It was just her and her boyfriend,” James added.

“After a couple of weeks, she said, yeah, I will go out with you.

I said okay.

And we got married in January, so she went out with me.”

Leblac said she and Ashley eventually started dating, which began when Ashley was in the process of transitioning from female to male.

“Within a couple weeks, we were going out, and we had a little girl,” LeBLac said of her husband.

“Then Ashley’s mother was in town and we started dating.

I think that was February, I think.

So we were dating at the time, and Ashley just kept coming back to me with more and more questions.”

After about two months of dating, Ashley and LeBlache were in love.

“So we were like, oh my god, I really want to have this, this, we really need this,” Le BLanc said.

They eventually got engaged in March.

Ashley and her family welcomed LeBlanches daughter, Olivia, into the family.

“But it was very strange,” Le Blanc said.

She said Ashley started dating another man, who had the same interests and lifestyle as her.

“The relationship started to change,” Le blanc said, adding that Ashley’s former boyfriend also started dating a girl.

“This whole thing just started to get to me,” Le BRON.

“One of my most painful experiences, as a young adult, is that my partner has changed,” LeBRON said.

When Le Blanc’s son turned five, Ashley became a foster mother.

Le Blanc and Ashley have two children.

“Sometimes we don’t get together, and it’s just very painful to know,” Le Broche said.

The couple was married last month.

“There was this moment where

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