How to survive the apocalypse

Posted September 14, 2019 09:04:30As the world continues to recover from the devastating pandemic, millions of people are desperately seeking ways to keep them alive.

One of those is the “escape room” where a group of people will help each other out in order to escape the dangers of a room full of zombies and traps.

The escape room concept originated in Australia and is still being used in some countries, but it has recently come to the US as a popular option.

In Texas, the most famous escape room is called the Escape Room at The Colony, which is a large theme park with the theme of a creepy crawlspace.

The idea is to allow visitors to spend a few minutes in a creepy, enclosed area to get lost in and try to find a way out.

One person is allowed to be the one to leave the room, but that person is responsible for taking care of everyone else.

The Escape Room is currently operating in Texas and it has become a popular venue for people looking to escape their everyday life.

“The Escape Rooms is a very safe, secure and comfortable place to meet people and enjoy a little bit of downtime,” says Rebecca Gertner, owner of The Colony.

The theme park is one of the few theme parks that offers guests the chance to go on an escape from the real world.

“It’s very much a theme park.

People can go anywhere and do anything,” says Gertners husband.”

People want to get away from their everyday lives.

You can see it at the Escape Rooms.”

One escape room in Australia that has been around for years is called The Escape Room, which operates in Melbourne and Sydney.

“We’ve had people come in here and we’ve had quite a few people who are very experienced in the business of escape rooms and we’re very pleased to have them come in and enjoy themselves,” Gertnings said.

“If you want to do a quick run and jump out of the room that’s what we do and they get the room and they’re OK with that.”

The Escape rooms have a number of different features, including a large wooden box that you can take out and place the key card into, or you can pick up a “survival kit” that includes survival supplies and a towel to clean yourself up.

There are also other items available, such as a map and a compass.

The concept of the escape room has gained popularity over the years, and the theme park has also expanded the number of Escape Rooms in Australia, with several in the state of Queensland.

“I’ve always enjoyed it and I think that if we can get more people out of their normal lives and into the real escape rooms, that’s really good,” says Mr Gerterson.

“This will allow people to have a little break from their day to day routine.”

The escape rooms are open for three weeks from November 15 to December 5 each year, and you can buy tickets online for just $25 each.

There’s also a “Survival Room” in New York, but you can only enter it when it opens on November 19.

“At least three months ago, I had a group go in there and it was very, very well received,” Grettner says.

“They went in and had a blast.

They didn’t have to go through the whole escape room and that was a really good experience for them.”

Another theme park, the Haunted Mansion, also offers escape rooms.

“What we’re trying to do is have an escape room at the theme parks and if people are going to go and experience that, they’re going to do that on a regular basis,” Gettner says, adding that the idea has spread to a number other theme parks.

“One of the best things we do at The Escape Rooms for guests is we have a survival kit and we have towels that you put your clothes in and clean yourself off and we do have the keys to the room.”

As for what other theme park experiences people can enjoy at The Colonial, Gertsner says that there’s plenty of other fun things that can be had, such the roller coaster ride and the carnival games.

“Some people are very creative, and they like to play the circus, so they’ve come to The Colonial,” she says.

It’s a good thing, too, that there are people out there looking for fun and escape rooms to share with others.

“There’s a lot of people in our area who want to go out and experience it and do something different,” Gethner says.

“There’s some really good people that want to come and experience the escape rooms at The Colonials theme parks.”

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