What’s the best way to keep your family’s closet clutter free?

After watching her first episode of Girls, Jessica Jones’ character has decided to take on the role of the closet.

“I’m going to take my clothes off.

It’s just a matter of what’s best for my family.

If it’s my own clothes, then I’ll go shopping.

If not, then we’ll find something else,” she tells the interviewer.

Jessica Jones was also recently spotted in the Los Angeles area with her mother, the character’s mother, while the show was filming.

“She’s really happy and healthy,” her mother says of Jessica, before her mother asks, “You mean you can wear a dress to a movie tonight?

Because I just want to be able to wear that.”

In the comics, Jessica and her mother are known as “the closet dwellers” and the “woolyard twins.”

It’s unclear how much Jessica and Jessica’s mother knew about Jessica’s closet prior to the series airing, but the actress has previously talked about how she feels comfortable with the topic.

“As an actress, you have to be very aware of the things that you’re doing, how you’re feeling,” she told MTV in 2016.

“But as an actress that’s not an excuse.

It is what it is.

And it is what I am.”