How to find the perfect room in a home

IGN The secret to finding the perfect home?

Finding rooms with lots of space, it turns out.

A new report suggests that, if you have a room to spare, you can get a better view of your home from different angles.

IGN The report says that by using an app like RoomFocus, it’s possible to create a “virtual panorama” that lets you see what the room looks like in the space around you.

The report also suggests that it’s easier to create VR experiences in VR than in traditional TV.

The app, which is free to download and works in a wide range of settings, includes a variety of different settings, from room size to viewing angle.

For example, if I’m in the living room and I want to see my bedroom, I can simply tap on my “bedroom” and then select “VR.”

It works like this: You can tap anywhere in the room to move the camera, and you can rotate the room around to view different views of the room.

The only problem is that the room has to be completely flat to make it work.

For more, check out the full report here.