When Will You Find a Room to Buy Your First Home?

IGN’s editors and writers get together with the experts at home, kitchen, and garage.

How do they decide what to buy?

What are the most important considerations for a home?

And finally, how can we find the best room for the right price?

Find out how they do it.

The ExpertsHome and kitchenThe most important consideration for a house is whether you’ll want to live in it, and you’ll need to make a decision as soon as you move in.

Here’s what we think you need to know about whether you want to buy your first home:How much money should you spend on your home?

How much will you save on mortgage payments?

What’s the best place to live?

How much should you save for a down payment?

What should you do if you’re considering a downpayment?

How will you pay for a new home?

What about down payments?

How long will it take to get your home built?

Is there a specific home you’d like to buy right now?

What should you pay upfront for?

How can you avoid a “big move” and keep your home in your family?

What are the best ways to get rid of clutter and get rid the stress of having to move?

What can I expect when I move in?

Where can I store all my things?

What kind of storage options will my new home offer?

How often will I be able to clean my home?

What kinds of maintenance will my home require?

What will I pay for?

Where will I live?

What happens if I move out?

What about my security?

How do I store a pet?

How does a new family deal with pets?

How to get the most out of a home remodel?

What is a “good place to store” for a condo?

How about a home theater?

How many people can live in a house?

How big should a house be?

What types of space do I want for a family?

How easy will it be to move out of my house?

How will my family live?

Where do I find a new place to buy a home and renovate it?

Where to buy an apartment?

How can I pay my mortgage?

How safe will a new condo be?

Where does a home fit in with my lifestyle?

How would I use a new house for my pets?

What would I pay if I were to move to a city that didn’t have a lot of housing options?

How could I get a loan from a bank?

How hard would it be for me to move away from my home to a new city?

Where should I go to get a job?

What if I want to work at home?

How close would it get to home?

Where would I be willing to live if I moved?

How important is it to have a dog?

How well do I know the city?

What options do I have?

What sort of housing will be available?

What type of jobs will be the best?

What could I do if I was in a big job?

How far away will it get from home?

Will a new job make a big difference?

How old would I need to be to afford a new apartment?

How large would a home be?

How good would a place be for my family to live together?

How comfortable is it for my kids to live with me?

How smart would I have to be?

Will I be ready for the commute?

How soon will I need a home loan?

How likely is it that I will need to move after I move?

Will my family need to get married or get divorced?

Will we have to move for health reasons?

What might happen if I’m out of work for more than a few months?

What does the average commute look like for a typical working person?

How expensive is a new mortgage?

How do I pay off a home mortgage?

What makes a home worth buying?

What to do if a family member gets sick and you need care?

How I would move if I lived in a new neighborhood.

What can a family do if one parent dies?

How quickly can a house move?

How fast can a car move?

When would I like to move back to a neighborhood?

What do I need for a move-in date?

What tools would I want?

What insurance would I require?

How quick is it going to be for a real estate agent to move into a new town?

How might I move if my parents get divorced and my mother dies?

What steps would I take to prepare for a big move?

Where might I go for help if I have a disability?

What skills will I have when I get back to my hometown?

What hobbies would I enjoy when I’m back in town?

What new places would I visit if I had to?

How worried would I feel if my house suddenly sold?

How serious is it when a big house gets demolished?

How complicated is it dealing with moving debris?

What factors would

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