When does the Green Room come back?

Posted September 29, 2019 14:24:59In the latest episode of The Good Stuff, The Good Show hosts Matt Smith and Josh O’Dwyer discuss the return of the Green room and its new owners.

Josh O’Donnell (@joshodwyer)September 29 of this year.

Josh was there as the show’s host from January to June and he shared his views on the return with host Matt Smith.

“I think the Green is definitely a lot of fun,” Josh told Matt.

“It’s a really fun little area to be in, it’s got a lot going on.”

We get a lot more of our guests, we get a fair amount of media people, we have a fair bit of a crowd.

“The room has a very cool vibe, it really is a lot like a movie set.”

But I think the only people who are going to go into the Green are the people who really like to hang out with the show.

“There’s only a handful of people who actually actually hang out in there, so the rest of the time they’re just sitting around chatting to each other, and that’s the sort of thing that I think makes the Green a lot less fun than the regular room.”

So I think that’s a big part of why I think we’ve gone for the new owners.

“The Green room has been the subject of many discussions over the past few years, but The Good Listener believes it is still the most popular space in the room.

Matt Smith (@mattsmithmcg)September 30, 2019.”

In the last couple of years, it has become quite popular because the guests really want to hang around and it’s very much the kind of space that they can hang out and enjoy themselves,” Josh said.”

You can see it’s become quite a big event in terms of its popularity, and there are a lot people who come and hang out at it.

“And it’s the type of place where you can really get some of the celebrity people into the room to hang with each other.”

Most of the guests don’t really like the regular rooms, but they do like the new Green Room.

“They go there just to hang and socialise and hang with the celebrity guests.”

In its current incarnation, the GreenRoom is a mix of film and live performances, with guests including comedian Ricky Gervais, actor John Cusack, model and actress Anna Kendrick, comedian John Hodgman and model and actor Matt Smith on stage.

The GreenRoom has hosted such famous guests as John Travolta, Michael Jackson, Bruce Willis, The Rock, Paul McCartney, Ricky Graviels and Tom Cruise.

“These people are actually in there for the very special events,” Josh added.

“When you have celebrities in there it really brings that kind of atmosphere.”

Because they have such a special relationship, they’re like the big-ticket guests in there.

“What do you think about the return to the Greenroom?

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