Which home’s the best-loved for a modern home?

In the coming months, Google will introduce a new feature to its homepage that will let users browse the home pages of other users and see whether they are living in a home that’s best-equipped to live with them.

Google says the feature will be available to anyone who has a Google Account, but only in a limited way, and only in select countries. 

The feature, called “Living Rooms,” lets users “listen to and share” a home page from their friends, who might be on a similar path to their own.

That can be useful if you’re looking to share a space with a friend or family member, or if you want to share your home with a roommate.

The feature has been in the works for a while, and has been tweaked to give it a more modern, modern look.

The new feature lets you see a list of your friends’ living rooms, with a “Living Room” button on the homepage that lets you check the status of their current home.

Google says you can also see their status for a room you have shared with your friends, or just their status at home.

The app also has a button to send a link to your friends list, so you can see how they are doing in their own homes.

You can also view and comment on other people’s homes, and check what rooms they’re sharing.

You can also browse through their entire home, or check out rooms you’ve shared with friends.

When you use the feature, Google says that “you can see the current state of each of your Living Rooms,” so you’ll know when your friends are living there.

Google has also tweaked the Home screen of the Google Home app, allowing you to choose a home for each of the rooms you have in your house.

Google has also updated the app to allow you to share links to other people, so that you can use Google Assistant to quickly share content from your home to other rooms in your home.

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