Which is your favourite room to have sex in?

With all the different types of sex rooms out there, choosing one that’s right for you can be tough.

So what are the best sex rooms in the city?

And which are the most relaxing to have a good time in?

Here’s our round-up of the top sex rooms around Sydney, with their top-rated features and perks.1.

Bayside Bed and Breakfast – Located in a posh shopping precinct, the Baysides Bed and Baths in Darlinghurst are one of Sydney’s most relaxing sex rooms.

With a massive bed, private shower and pool, it’s a perfect place for singles to chill out, or couples to relax.

It also boasts free Wi-Fi and free access to bars and restaurants.2.

Dorm & Breakfast – You’ll find the Dorm and Breakfast in Darlinghill, a popular place for couples to chill in.

It’s a cozy and comfy room, so it’s perfect for couples or single people to come and enjoy a great night out.3.

Bed and Breakfasts – With the latest technology in the bedroom, the Bed andbreakfasts are one place to have some fun.

They’ve got a fully equipped shower, which can be used for up to three people.4.

Bath & Beyond – Bath & Against the Wall offers couples an alternative to a bed and breakfast, which is just a little bit more comfortable.

It offers a large bed, separate shower and private bathroom with private baths, and has free Wi.

Fi, free wi-Fi, a 24/7 concierge and a range of private drinks and snacks.5.

Cottage House – Located just outside of the CBD, the Cottage Houses is an ideal place to stay for singles, or singles with kids, as well as couples.

It has private bedrooms and shared baths with a large bedroom, a private toilet and a private sauna.6.

The Grove – Located on the corner of George Street and George Street, The Grove has a unique vibe to it.

The building has a modern look with a rooftop pool, a separate living area and two private bathrooms.7.

Caffe Cafe – Located at the heart of Darlinghurst, this cafe is a little quieter and less noisy than the rest of the city.

It features a modern cafe area with a separate dining area and lounge.8.

The Dorm – Located within the Darlinghurst CBD, The Dorydee is an intimate and relaxing room.

You’ll be surprised to find out that the rooms have free Wi and a free range of drinks.9.

The Bays – Located a few minutes from Darlinghurst’s CBD, you’ll find a small but well-stocked room on George Street.

It is very quiet and relaxing, so be sure to check it out.10.

The Lounge – Located off George Street off Victoria Road, the lounge is a great place for a romantic evening out.

With an intimate feel, it has a bed with an ensuite bathroom and private washroom.11.

The Gabba – The Gabbies are one-of-a-kind venues.

Located in the heart, the Gabba offers a fantastic experience for single people or couples who want to have their own private room with private bath and shower.12.

The Laundry – Located right across Victoria Road off George, The Lydneys Laundries is a place for single or couples with kids to relax, get a quick bath and chill out in.

They also have a laundry room, and it is a big room with a private wash room and two separate toilets.13.

The Spinning Wheel – Located about a five minute walk from the CBD CBD, this venue is perfect for singles or couples wanting a romantic getaway.

It even has a free wi.

Fi so you can relax in peace.14.

The Studio – Located across the street from The Gubbals Laundrys, The Studio is a lovely space for couples and singles to relax and have a lovely time.

There are private bedrooms, a full kitchen with a coffee bar and a huge balcony.15.

The Rooftop Pool – Located inside the heart-shaped building, the Roofts Pool is a wonderful place for people to relax with a hot tub, a big bed, a large TV, a small cinema and a balcony.16.

The Shoe Shoppe – Located next to the Dollys, this shoe shop is an amazing place for families to enjoy a romantic time.

It boasts a large private bathroom, and a wide range of comfortable shoes for singles and couples.17.

The Kitchen – Located near the Queen Street Art Gallery, the Kitchen offers a huge space with a huge private kitchen.

It will also have an awesome bar, so you’ll have a great time.18.

The Room – Located two minutes from the Darling Hill CBD, it is the perfect place to relax at home.

It comes with a kitchenette, a bar

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