Nightly, creepy crawl in dark room

The last night I was in a dark room, I couldn’t sleep.

I had my hands on my head and I couldn`t get the bed to stop shaking.

I was trying to get it all off.

I couldn t move because I couldn�t get it off.

The only way to get out of bed was by pulling on my eyes.

I had to use my eyes, because if I had been able to get my eyes off, I wouldn’t be here right now.

The room was dark and smelled like urine.

I crawled into bed with my eyes closed and the lights were off.

I woke up to a familiar sound, a low humming sound that would not go away.

I looked down to see a pair of black gloves.

It looked like they were a pair that belonged to someone else.

They were long and skinny, like gloves, and I could tell they were black.

They felt tight around my wrists.

They came off, and they were soaked in sweat.

They smelled of urine.

They were wet and warm and smelled of pee.

The room was so dark, I had no idea where the bathroom was.

The bathroom was on the other side of the room from the bed.

I was terrified.

I felt like I had lost my mind.

The next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital room.

It was a nurse with me.

She was holding me with one hand and said, `We`re gonna have to take you to the emergency room because you smell like urine.’

I had a headache.

I thought, `I`ve been through worse.’

The nurse looked at me and said: `You smell like a person.’

I didn`t want to move because of my hands. I said, �I`m sorry.

I`m really sorry.

And she said, [I] have to go find somebody to take me to the hospital.

She got me into the car and drove me back to my hotel.

I went to the bathroom, and then I woke up in the emergency department with a blood-pressure monitor on me and my blood pressure was 130/60.

I didn`T feel anything.

I called my family, and my father was crying.

My doctor said, ‘Your eyes are so red.

Your skin is so red.’

I said: ‘I`ll die in here.’

The doctors told me that I was going to die, but I said it was okay.

They took me back and gave me a lot of oxygen.

I started breathing on my own.

I woke back up the next day.

I remember waking up to my mother coming in and saying, `It was a dream.’

She was in her room crying.

I saw my father, and he was crying, too.

She said,`You need to get your head down, your heart will start beating again.’

I told her, ‘I don`t need a doctor.’

I woke in the hospital and got a blood test.

I passed the test and was discharged the next morning.

I stayed in the same room for a month and a half.

I thought, I can`t die.

I don`T want to die.

It`s like an illness.

I can’t breathe.

I want to cry.

I think about my hands and how they are soaked in urine and urine.

The night after my discharge, my wife called me and told me she was going out to get some clothes for me.

I asked her, `What`s the dress you want me to wear?’

She said:`Just a black dress, a black suit.

I told my mother that`s what I want.

The suit is going to take up space in the closet.

I will wear a suit that has a red dress.

It will look like my face when I get home.’

I said,�No, you can keep the red dress.’

I went out the next night and bought a red suit that I could wear to work the next week.

I went to a friend`s house.

It smelled so bad.

It smells like pee.

I walked in and smelled the pee.

My friends smelled it too.

They called the police.

They went out there and found a guy in the shower with a piece of toilet paper on his head and his pants down around his ankles.

They put him in the toilet.

He was wearing his suit.

He had a little bit of urine on him.

I sat down on the toilet with him and he said, I was just trying to wash my hands with the toilet paper.

I put my hand on his crotch.

He said, Yes, I did.

He went into the shower.

I pulled his pants up and he put his hands on his knees.

He stood up and started to pee.

When he got to the shower, he said to me, `Don`t touch me.

Get your pants off.

Put them on.’

I was like, �No, no, no. I have to

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