Why you should visit the Modern Room in NYC—and not just the Smashing Room

In recent years, there have been a number of reports of sexual assaults occurring in the Modern room in the Bronx, but those reports are often accompanied by photos of the victims being assaulted.

While the Modern is an open space, it has no lock, so anyone can walk in without being asked.

The Modern has no door, no security cameras, and is only accessible via a ramp.

In an article for Slate, journalist Laura Ocasio-Cortez describes the Modern as a “safe space” in which she says she was sexually assaulted by a “black male in his 20s,” and that the victim was assaulted multiple times in the room.

This is where I was raped twice by this black male in my 20s, Laura Oscasio-Csortez tells Slate.

The woman I spoke to had no idea what she was doing, she says, and it was terrifying.

A third assault occurred in January 2016, when she and a friend were walking the Modern’s hallway.

The victim, who is now 21, says she “was attacked from behind and knocked to the ground,” according to the New York Post.

The Post article also said that the man who assaulted her “was dressed in a suit and black gloves.”

The woman said she felt threatened and felt she had to get away from him to protect herself.

“It felt like it was a war zone,” she told the Post.

“I didn’t want to be anywhere near him.

I was terrified that he was going to hurt me or something.”

Ocasa said that in her experience, she “never had any other interaction” with black men.

“When I go out, I feel like I have to be cautious,” she said.

Ocaso-Corts says that her experience in the modern room is similar to that of others.

According to the Huffington Post, Ococa-Casio-Gonzalez was sexually attacked in a room in Brooklyn on New Year’s Eve, but her attacker was white and in his early 20s.

She told the New Yorker that the Modern does not have a lock on the door, and that anyone who wants to enter can do so by turning around.

She also said the woman who attacked her had not told her about her assault until the following day, when the victim called to tell her she had been raped.

Oscaso said she had not seen the alleged attacker in years, and was surprised by the number of women reporting that he assaulted them.

The New Yorker article also noted that “more than half of the assaults that Ocascaso reported in her reporting are underreported.”

The New York Times article also pointed out that women’s stories of sexual assault are often underreported, even when the alleged victim reports the assault.

“This is a space where women who have been assaulted often feel like they have no recourse,” Ocaca-Granzalez told the Times.

“We need to make a space for women in New York City that is safe and supportive.”

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