When a room divot is the difference between a great night’s sleep and a messy one

This is a story from BBC Sport – please help us tell it.Ikea room dividers, commonly known as “jugs” for short, are used by Ikea to create partitions between rooms.You can buy Ikea room partitions for around £15 and they have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, especially in bedrooms.But if you’re […]

Which rooms in the Mojave are safe for storing Minecraft?

When you’re a kid you probably thought you were special.But in real life, you don’t want to mess up your Minecraft world.Here are some of the best rooms to store your favorite Minecraft creations.1.Minecraft Storage Room 237, Room 237A cozy room for storing your Minecraft creations in.It’s about 1,000 square feet (400 square meters).Minecraft Storage […]

Which hotel rooms will you rent for virtual escape?

The House of Blues in Washington, D.C., will be the first of the hotel’s new virtual escape rooms.The company has been testing the space, dubbed The Room, outfitted with “virtual escape rooms” featuring some of the hottest VR games.The room will be open to all guests, but guests will need to have a “gaming license” […]

This Is the World You’ll See When You Go To The Movies

In the late ’70s, a young man was making the rounds of his old high school gym, where he played basketball.A kid with a penchant for wearing sneakers, he was always on the court and was a regular visitor to the basketball courts.The kid who had the best game in the gym, he’d often tease […]