5 things you need to know about the room temperature in the living room

A lot of people will tell you that room temperature is just a measurement of how hot the room is and that you should just go about your business as normal.The truth is, the room in your living room will probably feel warmer than the room inside it, even if it’s set to zero degrees […]

Which Ravenclaw Common Room? | Ravenclaw chat room

Ravenclaw common rooms are the home to many of the community’s most popular and well-known members.We recently had a chance to chat with some of them about what makes a Ravenclaw a good one.“It’s like having a family,” said Ravenclaw member, Katie Smith.“You can see your friends and family there.”Ravenclaw is one of the oldest […]

When Will You Find a Room to Buy Your First Home?

IGN’s editors and writers get together with the experts at home, kitchen, and garage.How do they decide what to buy?What are the most important considerations for a home?And finally, how can we find the best room for the right price?Find out how they do it.The ExpertsHome and kitchenThe most important consideration for a house is […]