How to Survive a Game of Capture the Flag

We’ve got some of the most beautiful chandelier chandeliered rooms in the world.From the iconic, grandiose marble chandeli, to the chandelis of the legendary Princess Diana, the Champs Élysées are a must-see attraction in any Disney park.There’s even a video game room that lets you battle against an endless onslaught of enemies.So if you’re looking […]

How to Make Your Home More Detached: The 3 Secrets to Keeping Your Home Separated

The home’s main entrance can be a mess of boxes, furniture, and clutter, and it’s no wonder that people who don’t like their living room seem to prefer a different kind of home.“I’m really interested in the living room,” says Jessica, a mother of two in New Jersey who lives with her husband and three […]

How to save the living room from the bedroom

We’re living in a strange time where technology is becoming more and more pervasive.Even the most basic and common home appliances have been upgraded with a touch of technology to enable us to be more productive, connected, and connected with others.But if you have a family room in your house, or a room that needs […]