When you’re feeling stuck, try hotel rooms for inspiration

You don’t have to be a fan of hotel rooms to try them.There are a ton of ideas to try.From cute rooms to hotels, the list goes on.Here are some hotel room ideas that might help you feel more at home when you’re stuck in your hotel room.1.A “bedroom room”A bedroom is a space you […]

A closet for lesbian and gay teens, new dorms and a new life

The American College of Nursing (ACN) is looking for a new home for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) seniors who have moved on from nursing homes.The nursing home has long been an LGBT community hub, with LGBT seniors in nursing homes making up a significant portion of the nursing home population.“ACN is seeking to […]

When to tell lesbians you want a room for lesbian chat?

By Lauren MacLeanIn the early 1990s, the first openly gay woman to appear on a television talk show was Leslie Nielsen.But while she gained a following among the straight audience, she was also a subject of much speculation.How could a woman with a big personality like Nielsen who didn’t fit the stereotype of the stereotypical […]

When a room divot is the difference between a great night’s sleep and a messy one

This is a story from BBC Sport – please help us tell it.Ikea room dividers, commonly known as “jugs” for short, are used by Ikea to create partitions between rooms.You can buy Ikea room partitions for around £15 and they have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, especially in bedrooms.But if you’re […]