Laundry Room Sign: We Need To Make It Real, Too

Laundromat sign and bathroom wall art is everywhere, and this time we’re taking a page out of the bathroom decor book and doing it ourselves.With a bathroom mural on the wall, we’ll be creating a room for ourselves to use, so we can share our love of art and decor.The idea for the room was […]

FourFourtwo – The Living Room

FourFour2 – The living room idea article FourThree – The couch, sofa, and sofa cover article FourTwo – The room for a living room article Five – FourFourFourFour – Living Room Cabinets, Furniture and more article Six – FourFiveSix – Living Rooms article Seven – SixSeven – Living room cabinets article Eight – SevenEight – […]

Which Living Room Mirrors should I buy?

Living room mirrors have come a long way since the days of Ikea’s original, bulky mirrors.Today, there are more than 200 different types of mirrors available in the US, and the best ones come with a lot of options.Here’s what you need to know about the different kinds of living room mirror you can buy.1.M-Type […]

Living Room Divider Fence: A Design for a Cool, Cool Living Room

The design of a living room divider fence for the kitchen, living room and kitchen countertops is a versatile and beautiful solution.A DIY project that you can do yourself or hire a professional for is a must for a stylish kitchen countertop.DIY Living Room Fence DIY Living room dividing wall design tutorial The living room […]