How is this season’s Champions League final different from last year’s?

RTE 1/5 The difference is that this season there is more of a prize money structure.As the competition has been so much more lucrative than it was last year, the draw is a little different.With a final of this size, you’re talking about somewhere between £30m and £40m, depending on the final result.With Champions League […]

‘This isn’t about us’: Tiktok to get online access to the world’s most expensive rooms

Tiktouk, the world leader in the design of premium dining rooms, will soon have access to its world-class dining room design online, thanks to the new technology, as part of a pilot project that will allow visitors to enter their rooms and see them for themselves.Tiktouks room design is unique to the business and it […]

How to stop ‘teen chat’ chat on YouTube

When you first start using the chat app, there is a lot of confusion about how it works.“What’s a teen chat?” one asks.“A teen chat?What is that?” others ask.“Teen chat” means an app that allows you to send photos or videos to another user of your choosing, and the user can then chat with you.It […]