Laundry Room Sign: We Need To Make It Real, Too

Laundromat sign and bathroom wall art is everywhere, and this time we’re taking a page out of the bathroom decor book and doing it ourselves.With a bathroom mural on the wall, we’ll be creating a room for ourselves to use, so we can share our love of art and decor.The idea for the room was […]

How to make your own wine glass in the new ‘Cinema’ trailer

It’s the perfect spot for watching your favorite TV show or movie.And for those that want to be able to enjoy their favourite movie and TV show in a fun, stylish way, this room wallpaper will do the trick.The video is produced by the creative team behind the upcoming movie, ‘Cineplex’ and will be available […]

Why a modern kitchen is essential to the future of the kitchen

For decades, the dining room and living room of an apartment or condo was a quiet space, a space that people would sit in and relax after a long day of work.The dining room was the area where the people were talking, eating, sharing ideas, and eating more.As the modern kitchen evolved over time, the […]